Ethics and Charity

India has been producing water vessels out of copper for the last 6000 years as an Ayurvedic health aid. Hence there was never any question whether Dunya Ayurveda bottles would be produced in India, not only because it has the greatest braziers, but also because we believe in our manufacturer’s ethos and work ethic. Numerous international brands have in the past, and very much In the present still, put immense pressures on Indian manufacturers to keep delivering more whilst paying them less and less; leading to a deterioration in workers’ rights. At Dunya Ayurveda we keep the emphasis on workers’ rights and health and safety, paying fair prices for the production of our products as well as not putting time pressures on the manufacture.

This way money goes into the Indian economy without the workers paying the price for it.

Most importantly, we donate our profits from all bottles sold to The Satyarthi Movement, rescuing children who were trafficked and forced into child labour.

It’s founder, Shri Kailash Satyarthi was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his lifetime commitment to the world's most vulnerable and exploited children. Together with his colleagues, Shri Satyarthi has rescued and restored the freedom and education of over 87,000 children. They have mobilised millions globally through collaboration with key partners for change for the world's most vulnerable children. Through these and other efforts, the number of children toiling at the expense of their education and future for the profit of others has plummeted from 246 million in 2000 to 168 million today.