Cu B 005 Copper + Rubber Earring


Sold individually, not as a pair of two

Welcome to Dunya Ayurveda's jewellery range , CuC, inspired by the elements Copper (Cu) and Carbon (C), bringing you jewellery made from copper and reused tyre rubber.

Product Details

Tyre rubber is rarely recycled but it's a wonderful medium to reuse in jewellery making, especially as an alternative to leather. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear and can be molded and cut in any way desired. It is also long lasting , so the jewellery you buy here is definitely not to be worn for just a season , but for a life time.

Our designs change with inspiration and innovation, not fashion.

All our pieces are one offs, we don't replicate, so enjoy browsing the range and finding the perfect piece for you.

sold individually, not as a pair of two


materials: copper, iron, upcycled