About us

Awesome, you're here! I'd better make this interesting if you've already come this far to find out a bit about Dunya Ayurveda and it's humble beginnings.

So I'm Dunja Knezevic (the one on the right, the pretty one on the left is my daughter Ari), the founder of Dunya Ayurveda.

I'm a mum/writer/model/Ayurveda obsessive. The reason I initially started producing and selling Ayurvedic products, from bottles, cups and jewellery; to candles and herbs; to oils and waters and various other skin care, is unashamedly superficial. All through my modeling career I struggled with awful skin. Combination/sensitive/acne prone. And I tried pretty much every product from around the world and nothing seemed to make a difference long term.

Until I discovered Ayurvedic beauty products. I have now been using them for two years and my skin is incomparable to how it used to be. These are also the only products I know of which don't make you dependent on using them regularly and religiously. Their aim is to actually balance your skin, so that even if you don't use the products every day, your skin will stay exactly the same. Perfect. So then I thought I'd actually find out a bit more about Ayurveda and immerse myself in the Ayurvedic lifestyle.

I only came across the copper utensils about a year after discovering Ayurvedic skin care. Storing water in copper bottles is quite literally the safest and most health beneficial way to store water. Have a look at my range of copper utensils to find out exactly what the health benefits are.

After using my bottle and cup for about 3 months I was pretty shocked at just how much my health improved in various ways just from drinking water. Firstly, I loved using the bottle so ended up drinking more water which is obviously going to have its own benefits; I noticed a significant reduction in body fat, my percentage went from 30% to 22% with no added exercise ( I think I'm allergic to any exercise!) or change to diet (I'm a bit of a pig); my iron levels went up within the first two weeks. I was always bordering anaemic so this was extremely relevant for me; and best of all, I stopped catching any bugs or viruses and if I did by some crazy chance get sick, I recovered so quickly I forgot I even got sick in the first place!

So, in a nut shell, all of the occurrences above inspired me to stop looking for work and set up my own business selling products I couldn't be more passionate about. I guarantee they will work, no question about it.

Enjoy your Ayurvedic journey with us!