pure copper flame painted 50cm x 50 cm x 0.9mm



My first collection, The Core, is a visual representation of the earth and its principles. The images are achieved through naturaly occurring reactions that emerge with the application of various chemical elements onto pure copper.

I lived in Australia for 8 years and was always intrigued by aboriginal art, especially their use of elements like wood, stone and the natural pigments, ochre, to tell stories and record images of Dreamtime spirits.

It was inspiring to see art that had such a clear purpose, to educate new generations.

I had to create artworks that served a greater purpose than their "look" . Copper is air cleansing; in the house it attracts bacteria and virus just to kill it. Although copper inpregnated air purifiers are available on the market , you may choose a more natural and environmentally friendly way to cleanse your air.

These artworks will evolve with the years, and become 3 dimensional as oxidation sets in.

Always handle the artwork using gloves or material, fingerprints will distort the image.