Original pure copper face shield 001

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The original 99.9% pure copper face shield


Copper is a well known and extremely powerful anti microbial, it's even able to kill viruses such as norovirus which is resistant to alcohol and household disinfectants. It begins to deactivate coronaviruses, influenza and even the super bug MRSA, on contact, rapidly killing it completely.

We have developed a shield out of pure woven copper to be worn on top of a cloth or medical mask to kill viruses and bacteria before they can land on the mask itself. And not only that, they also continuously sterilise the mask. An issue with face masks is that although they may partially prevent bacteria and viruses from passing through them, the pathogens can still live on the mask for several days. Touching the mask and then touching your face after can easily transfer the pathogens into your body. The copper shield will prevent this accumulation of pathogens on the mask.

Like any masks, these will suffer from wear and tear, but as long as they are used as instructed and carried in the pouch provided, they should last several years.

The shield is made using only copper mesh and upcycled rubber. The rubber tie can be tied around the head or the ears as shown in images. All our shields are hand made here in the UK.

Like any fabric, inevitably the copper will fray, please cut rather than pull the thread

How to use

The shield is not recommended to be worn on its own. Breathing directly onto copper will form condensation and make the copper moist. Damp copper is unfortunately fairly useless against pathogens. This is also an issue with wearing masks which are impregnated with copper or have a copper layer insert. After a few minutes of breathing into it, the copper will lose its potency due to moisture. It is also not possible to know when these masks have reached their use by date and the copper has turned toxic through oxidisation. Our copper shield poses no health issues by being worn on top of a mask and is very easy to clean.

The shields should be cleaned every week by submerging in a solution made of water, diluted salt and lemon juice or vinegar. This is a guide only, it can go for two to three weeks without being cleaned and it can be cleaned before each use if you so wish.

Cleaning it before every use will also offer the wearer extra protection due to the antimicrobial properties of salt (salt deactivates several strains of the influenza virus on contact!)


pure copper mesh, recycled rubber.