Limited Edition Mercury Copper Water Bottle




Product Details

Designed by the ridiculously talented Geez Louise, a London based artist, these beautiful pure copper bottles were produced primarily as a health aid and secondarily for their eye catching design.

There are many copper bottles available to buy online, but a large percentage of them are actually produced in large-scale factories where quality control might not be up to scratch.

My copper bottles are made on a small scale; are quality controlled to the most minute detail; are tested for lead and are made from 98% copper and 2% zinc

To use

Only store water in the bottles. Water must be stored in the bottle for at least 6 hours before drinking. When you have nearly run out of water, refill the bottle without emptying it. This will ensure the fresh water mixes with the water already containing copper, making it unnecessary to wait for another 6 hours to drink it. For best effects, empty bottle nightly and refill. Wash the inside of the bottle with baking soda and lemon juice mixed with water every month or so.

Health Benefits

  • Ingesting copper increases the body's immunity warding off bacterial and viral infections
  • Helps with iron absorption, essential in preventing anemia
  • Aids weight loss as it naturally breaks down excess fat
  • Slows down the aging of the skin with its very strong anti-oxidant and cell forming properties, fighting off free radicals, one of the main reasons for the formation of fine lines
  • Is a brain stimulant, and is especially essential for babies and young children and their developing brains
  • Clears the skin from scars and blemishes by stimulating cell reproduction and the production of extra melanin