Dog and Cat Copper Water Bowl

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Product Details

These beautiful pure copper water bowls were produced primarily as a health aid and secondarily for their eye catching design.

There are many copper bowls available to buy online, but a large percentage of them are actually produced in large-scale factories where quality control might not be up to scratch.

My copper bowls are made on a small scale; are quality controlled to the most minute detail; are tested for lead and are made from 98% copper and 2% zinc.

How to use

Fill with fresh water each evening, and top up during the day as required. Rinse with water.

Every 3 to 4 weeks, wash the bowl thoroughly with 3 parts lemon juice and 1 part salt or baking soda to remove any tarnish. You may also use Apple cider or white vinegar instead of lemon juice. Especially make sure there is no Verdigris build.

Health Benefits

Drinking from copper has been scientifically proven to be more health beneficial for your cats and dogs than any other material. It prevents a bio film of bacteria forming on the surface of the water (slimy top layer); is a powerful anti viral and anti bacterial; copper in the diet is essential for development of red blood cells and the formation of bones and collagen; and they are definitely for sharing, all your pets will be happy to use just the one bowl!