Copper Bowl

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Product Details

Small 18.5cm diameter Medium 20.5cm diameter Large 23cm diameter

These beautiful pure copper water bowls were produced primarily for their many uses and secondarily for their eye catching design.

There are many copper bowls available to buy online, but a large percentage of them are actually produced in large-scale factories where quality control might not be up to scratch.

My copper bowls are made on a small scale; are quality controlled to the most minute detail; are tested for lead and are made from 99% copper and 1% nickel and zinc.

How to use

Due to the metal's thermal conductivity, copper bowls are ideal for keeping your massage oil warm, especially for Ayurvedic massages

Also due to conductivity, copper bowls are great for face steaming

Just like our dog and cat water bowls, these bowls can also be used as water bowls for your pets. The copper will keep the water clean due to its antimicrobial qualities

Use as fruit bowls or for display

Known as the perfect egg whipping bowls due to copper ions leaching into the eggs and stabilising the foam

As needed, clean the bowls with a lemon salt and water solution. Only when oxidised